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December 17, 2023

Project Update:

Hi everyone,

After a summer vacation for the team, work resumed on the project in September. This was followed by another pause in October and November as the team and myself (Jeremie) were very busy with work and other commitments. With that said, our vision and ambition for this project remains unwavering and work will resume on the project throughout the winter.

What’s new in the Books about Books database:

In September, Richard Hardesty and I did a lot research and data entry using an amazing list of books, submitted by team member Art Kieres, that has greatly expanded the scope of the Books about Books (BAB) database! Of the 206 titles submitted, 76 still need more research (yellow entries), we’re hoping to take care of those in the months to come. Outside of those titles, 17 new titles have been added to the BAB database since September. Of those titles, 11 were submitted by Richard and 6 by me. Noel Hart also updated 30 of the original entries with additional information, and I’ve updated 10 of the original entries as well.

Announcing our new Bibliographies database:

We’ve put together a new database for bibliographies that the team feel would be pertinent to the project. Unlike the BAB database, the Bibliographies database is not meant to be exhaustive; rather, it’s meant to offer additional tools for your research. Currently this new database contains 38 entries that were done by Richard.

Tutorial on how to use filters and perform searches in our databases:

A video has been added to demonstrate how to use Google Sheet filters, and how to perform a search function in our databases. As new features get added to our databases, I’ll keep making videos to demonstrate how to use the new features.

Here’s the link to the video:


Things to come over the winter:

Beyond adding new titles and information in the databases, we are planning to launch a database for book-related periodicals. Additionally, we would like to add additional resources in the resource section of the website, do a marketing campaign, and strengthen our relationships within the book community.

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