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Welcome to books about books bibliography!

This is a project created by a team of bibliophiles and book professionals with the goal of creating a curated database of books about books as comprehensive as possible in the English language. Our aim is to increase the accessibility of book knowledge, promote book scholarship, and enrich the book community.

Our target audiences are book collectors, booksellers, librarians, book binders, conservators, book scholars, and anyone else who’s involved in the management, care, and research of books and collections.

For the time being, the project will be in the form of  Google Sheets. For full access to all the Google Sheet's features, we recommend that you download the sheets to your computer. You may download and repurpose the sheets for non-profit uses such as personal, educational, and research. This is an ongoing project, therefore, additional content and features will be added over time. Updates will be provided periodically in the Project Updates section of the website and on our Facebook page.

We would love to hear how these tools were of aid as this will help guide us with future developments for this project. It’ll also bring us personal satisfaction to see how these tools are helping others... it’s what this project is all about!

As this is a very large endeavor, collaborations are welcomed and your contributions will be noted in the contributor’s section of the dabases and the team section of the website. Anyone interested in collaborating with us can can contact us using the contact form on the home page.

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